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Marysville, Smokey Point, Mukilteo, Everett, and vicinity residents know their tankless heater is designed with long life in mind. A storage water heater has a life expectancy of 8-12 years. It is designed to fail from the beginning. A tankless heater, in contrast, has a life expectancy of 20+ years. More importantly, a storage heater that is leaking cannot be fixed. A tankless heater is made up of several major components, each of which can be replaced individually. Once a tankless heater is installed in your home, it is the last water heater your home will ever need.

Tankless heaters do need maintenance, of course, and the quality of your water may affect your maintenance needs – if your water has a high mineral content, your heater may require a simple de-scaling from time to time. The water supply in urban areas in the Puget Sound region, however, is typically fine for use in tankless water heaters. Specific maintenance varies from heater to heater; our specialists can help you determine how best to care for your particular heater no matter where you are in the Greater Marysville and Everett areas.

If your tankless heater ever does need repairs, we are factory-trained service reps for all the major brands of tankless systems. No one in the Puget Sound region has more experience in repairs for these systems. Plus, we stock a huge selection of tankless water heaters and specialty parts at all times and we offer a one-year labor warranty on all work we do. Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs in a timely manner, and that is why we offer same-day service to the Marysville, Smokey Point, Mukilteo, Everett areas.

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